Product Design

How to innovate products without struggling with manufacturing? How to ensure implementation?

Our experience in working with Product Design during the last 20 years has allowed us to integrate expectations and manufacturing in implementable innovative solutions. A successful product is a matter of negotiation between product chain restrictions and the product’s valuable attributes: greater profit results come from good use of a company’s capabilities in conjunction with a desirable offer.

Considering the fact that products are actually part of people’s physical environment, we at VRD believe that products are carriers of special emotional values. Beyond function and experience, this is about a kind of “suits me better” value. Products thus become significant vehicles for building an affinity-based connection between brand and people – which is decisive during the purchasing process and determinant of long-lasting relationships. For this reason, designing a product is about understanding people intimately.

What is the product’s purpose? What are people expecting? How much people need a product of its kind? How are the competitors moving, and how do we need to move? How well does the current product carry brand values? We ask these and other questions every time we face a new product challenge. Putting “the right content” before “the right shape” not only represents the involvement of experts from different disciplines, but also a greater investment of time for exploring, understanding and defining strategic drivers.

The costs of producing a consistent product solution or a weak one may be the same. The difference is the effectiveness of the solution and how long the product’s commercial effects last. For this reason, we help clients ask the right questions, take the necessary time to think, to define what the new product should be and what it should represent as part of a strategic brand move, and then help them project and prepare for next steps.