Innovation Strategy

Innovation as competitive strategy and as strategy for organizational integration.

The pressures and the everyday routine of business operations challenge management and divert attention from the fundamental strategic issues that determine future growth.

Innovation Strategy is an approach that aims to create innovative solutions as part of a plan for a strategic program designed to increase competitiveness in the short and long term, and foster articulation between the various departments of the company.

We at VRD believe in the strategic value of innovation, which demands, on our part, a certain stance with regard to the relationship with clients and to the design and delivery of solutions. Four points summarize our approach throughout the process:

(1) Close cooperation and integration: understanding the particularities of each company, working together closely, and generating areas of integration.
(2) A new way of looking at the market: exploring locations yet unexplored to define areas of action beyond marketing metrics.
(3) Design of actions: defining a constant for growth within a logic of progressive implementation, with short- and long-term effects.
(4) Dissemination of the drivers: delivering all the arguments that supported the new solutions in such a way that the various players in the company and in the productive chain absorb them.

Innovation is something of a “game-changer” for the company – not as a result of scale, since it can be incremental or radical – but because of its significance and impact within the organization.