Innova SME / Startups

Design-Driven Innovation: accessible to all business profiles.

VRD believes in the enormous potential of innovation in small and medium enterprises and in startups. For this reason, we launched the Innova-SME & Startups program in 2012, aiming to make the conception of design innovation projects viable for leveraging growth in this business profile.

With 20 years of experience providing consulting services to large companies, both domestically and internationally, we believe that the application of Design Thinking processes in pursuit of innovative and competitive solutions for SMEs and Startups has great power of transformation and rapid implementation.

Through an understanding of the expectations, concerns, investment capacity, and processes of the business, we design customized projects, adapting our methodology to smaller budgets and timespans. By envisioning innovation for early-stage enterprises from the perspective of design, we participate in an important moment of company transformation, expanding its possibilities for growth.