Design Research

An opportunity to project businesses by combining subjectivity and objectivity within a creative approach.

Design Research, understood as the exploration character of the design process, transforms a design driven consultancy into something of strategic value, something that carries significant and reliable arguments upon build solutions and project businesses.

A Research-driven Innovation not only establishes a new relation between designers and corporates, but also renews the relation between corporates and its customers. Uncovering details that numbers don’t express, approximating corporates to a more qualitative understanding of people’s reality.

How reliable is Design Research data?. The fact is that a strong emphasis on qualitative data, leaving beside an objective measurement of the observations, rises doubts about how representative this information is indeed. For this reason, at VRD we develop research strategies that combine the richness of qualitative observations with the reliability of measured data.

Our research approach is based in three aspects: (1) validation by crossing data: same arguments from different perspectives and methodologies. (2) significant sample: research protocols above traditional qualitative samples. (3) Translating into opportunities and actions. The real value of a research isn’t the data itself, but its capacity to project (envision?) actions.