Innovating the call center of GRUPO SEGURANDOR BB E MAPFRE

GRUPO SEGURADOR BANCO DO BRASIL E MAPFRE (BB & MAPFRE INSURANCE GROUP) is the biggest insurance company in its field, serving more than 36 million clients from all over the country. In order to meet all client’s needs, the company has its own call center, formed by collaborators committed with the company mission and who answer over 40 thousand calls each day.

Considered a reference in costumer service, GRUPO BB E MAPFRE call centers have already conquered more than 30 excellence awards regarding client’s assistance, and counts with a turnover below average, less than 1% per month.

Expecting to make the after-sales services even better, the company made a partnership with VRD to implement SIMples project.

For this purpose, an intense process of operation analysis was carried, allowing the visualization of a relationship map between the client and the company. The innovation initiative was based on design thinking approach.

The project, within its immersion and prototyping stages, lasted four months and counted with the collaboration of more than 60 people, besides interviews with call centers professionals, brokers and costumers.

The whole process resulted in the creation of an integrated system, with technological and procedural solutions focused on the client. After the full implementation, the solution will allow the operator to visualize, in real time, as much information as possible about the current assistance (client’s background, availability of services and coverages, protocol status, etc.)

Client opinion about our work:

“The VRD work was simply delightful and surprising!
We work with innovation since 2009 and surely this was the most complex and challenging project we had. The fact that our business deals with delicated situations added to the high complexity of our enterprise systems places us in a scenario where it could be hard to innovate the call center.

But with great skills and professionalism, the VRD team helped us to successfully complete the call center planning project for the next years and confidence that we have found our way to ensure that GRUPO SEGURADOR BB AND MAPFRE will keep its promise of being a company made up of people who care for people.

Several were the companies and consultancies who worked with us in recent years, but certainly VRD stands out for its successful outcome resulted from the professionalism that the team of senior professionals passionate about what they do delighted us, because they not only coordinated the process, but also participated and contributed actively to our success. Congratulations to the entire team of VRD.”

Paulo Rossi – Chief Marketing Officer