VILA DA COPA 2006: Philips World Cup Event in Brazil

HOW TO CREATE NEW IDEAS FOR HUGE CROWDS? Philips chose E-eventos to take the challenge of producing a whole new experience about soccer and the World Cup 2006, based on their latest creation, a 120m2 outdoor screen, and their digital television products. Therefore, E-eventos thought of VRD research as the ideal team partner that could provide fresh and innovative ideas to create an event capable of mixing the popular and great love for soccer, with cultural ingredients: marks in history, music, famous players, etc.

FOR THE FIRST TIME: Vila da Copa has been the biggest product we’ve ever worked on. For the first time, we didn’t have to think about a product with a differential behavior, that could work in several kinds of places, something people could find on a shelf of a store. We thought of the event as a product in a larger scale, which lots of people were going to use, live, breathe and see at the same moment. We had only one chance to get their attention and make this a memorable experience. We had to design experiences in large scale.

OUR CHALLENGE: The event architecture could have been made of standard commercial structures chosen from a catalogue, mostly modular and less dynamic structures that people had probably seen and used before. However, our purpose was to cause great impact and establish a difference by designing an environment which would be consistent with the concept. We had to innovate by creating new structures, considering people’s flow and all functional space requirements. We aimed to achieve both, structural and conceptual innovation, according to E-eventos’ purpose: ‘mixing soccer with Brazilian culture’.

A NEW CONCEPT FOR A GREATER EXPERIENCE: We decided to give each visitor the opportunity to live the experience of a soccer player entering the field, and that could only be done in a “soccer stadium”. We built a very particular one, where the contrasts of the structural scale, the appearance and the harmonic movement were the difference. Everything -including Philips’ screens- had it’s own place and reason. The entrances: Tunnels of sound and vibrations announcing the player’s arrival. The field: What is usually a place for playing and fighting for the victory, in Vila da Copa it became a space to join soccer fans and give them the opportunity to play virtually with their team in Germany. The goals: Representing past and present, the connection between Brazil’s victories (soccer museum) and the World Cup in Germany. The crowd wave: A surrounding structure hosting the bar, the LAN house, sponsors and VIP areas. A link between space and it’s meaning was accomplished, for 8000 visitors to enjoy the emotions of soccer as never before.

*The Museum “Penta Campeão”

GREAT RESULTS FOR VRD AND PROJECT PARTNERS: All this was possible thanks to the participation of different teams and partners: architect Marko Brajovic, engineer Nelson Fidler and E-eventos production staff. We all worked together developing an idea that broke standards, with great quality and engineering details. We all managed to change the perception of the event business and every person who entered Vila da Copa came out with the best impression.

For the first time we faced a project as Vila da Copa and we successfully enjoyed it. Those excellent results have encouraged us to face new challenges and explore new design areas; always following a strategy -of course-.

Project designed in partnership with Marko Brajovic.
Construction Team: FIEDLER Brasil
Production: E-VENTOS



“This was the largest world soccer event to happen parallel to the World Cup. It was also the most important among the 60 countries where Philips was present. The “Vila da Copa” brought back the history and the sentiment of cheering supporters and transported true rooters to the spirit of the event in Germany without their leaving Brazil.”

Marcos Magalhães
CEO for Latin America
Philips, Brazil


“Since 1986, Philips has had its name associated with the World Cup. But we have never had such effective participation as this year with innovative events like the “Vila da Copa” which give incredible visibility to the brand.”

Sergio Camargo
Marketing Director for Latin America
Philips, Brazil