CONCEIVED IN 1998 FOR CAZZARO SPA, THE VECTOR LINE enters the European scenario of office chairs with special attention to applied ergonomics. The project started taking advantage of the experience gathered on another project, “Pamy Line”, taking to a second stage the concept of “dynamic ergonomics” thanks to solutions exclusively developed with a new generation of techno-polymers. During backrest development, a special attention was given to the creation of a new architecture that, using plastic’s properties, would allow an extreme adaptability of the structure to users’ morphology and movement.

The backrest structure is composed by two main elements: “Frame” and “Shell”. The first, beyond its supporting function, it defines 5 control points for structural deformations, constraining the movement of the second: a surface of contact and control that, besides copying the morphology and following the movements of the user, keeps the ergonomic posture in the right position. The work done with the backrest is also applied to the headrest, designed with the same technical characteristics.

Specific studies were made for the fabrics application, with the purpose of obtaining a solution that allows a fast and simple change of the fabric, without the owner having to be parted from the chair during a period of time. The final solution gave rise to the Patent “Quick-Fix®”(worldwide Invention Patent), that allows the fabric cover to be placed and removed easily (in two minutes), not only on the back but also on the neck support.

The project Vector Line gave rise to three lines of chairs:

Vision: operational/ managerial chair. Basic model sold without backrest cover.
Vector: operational/ managerial chair. Advanced model sold with the exchangeable backrest and headrest covers with the patented system “Quick-Fix®”.
I-Gate: Executive chair. Top model sold with leather upholstery.

Each line of chairs has a guest version with and without arm supports.