THE PAPAIZ WHITEBOARD IS ONE OF THREE MODELS launched in 2012, resulting from the collaboration, initiated in late 2010, between PAPAIZ (Brazil) and VRD. The strategy for the Papaiz WHITEBOARD results from identifying a new market niche: padlocks for the teen public. Existing proposals focus on the universe of adults or of children and are limited to the classic use of characters licensed from animated features, cartoons, sports, etc.

The teen public tends to customize its things (backpacks, for example), and so with padlocks, too, teens want to appropriate the product, using alternatives such as labels, stickers, numbers, symbols, ribbons, and references doodled with markers, to identify and personalize their padlocks.

Taking this principle as starting point, the WHITEBOARD padlock makes it possible for anyone –and especially the teen public – to create his own unique object in a way that is fun and permits identification, personalization and self-expression through various kinds of intervention on the “whiteboard”, using a marker pen and a limited-edition pack of more than thirty exclusive stickers. Creative customization is a current habit and is attractive to teens, especially when tools that stimulate creativity are supplied. With this strategy, customization, as used for a line of padlocks (the Fashion model, designed by Nòdesign), has a life cycle that does not begin and end in the product, but leads the product on to new lives.

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