PAPAIZ Group are undergoing an Analytical and Strategic Implementation Project designed and executed by VRD. The project includes an extensive analysis of the organisation, focusing on its history, culture, communication, people, customers and products. This human-centred process aims to establish new business opportunities for PAPAIZ, enhancing brand values by running a regional project that would fascinate and meet the Brazilian market’s needs by translating local habits and desires into innovative business ideas.

“Working with VRD RESEARCH led us to results that go far beyond the design of the products; it includes a deep review of the company focus on our history, our culture, our communication, our people and our customers.”

“We have worked together with VRD RESEARCH the values and objectives of PAPAIZ Group, and mapped the customer desires, their habits and their needs, before getting to the design of the products themselves. The result of this process could only generate products that perfectly address the user’s necessities, and at the same time express the values of the company. The new products have been adopted straight away by the company and by the customers.”

“Brilliant work that motivates the company’s future growth in sales, positioning and ideas”

Maria Luisa Papaiz Refinetti, Special Projects Director Grupo Papaiz, Brazil.