Papaiz Active Padlock: A human centered innovation

IN LATE 2010, PAPAIZ (BRAZIL) AND VRD INITIATED A JOINT effort to generate ideas for padlocks that would transcend the category’s usual limits, opening up new business opportunities, and developing competitive innovations, with an observational study of the relationship between product, user and space as starting point.

The Papaiz ACTIVE model is one of three products launched in 2012 as a result of this collaboration.

During the process of research and design, an opportunity was identified for rethinking the key – the key as protagonist. Portability and integration with the padlock could make all the difference in dynamic situations – like sporting activities – situations in which, often, there is no place to keep a key. This gains relevance on considering that many people prefer a key-operated padlock to protect their personal belongings and that the key is not normally a part of the bunch of personal keys.

The ACTIVE padlock is dynamic and versatile, a product that solves the annoyance of carrying a loose key by turning the key into an accessory and avoiding accidental loss. The underlying concept of ACTIVE – the idea of a “wearable key” – is achieved in the form of a bracelet, which becomes an optimal ally during dynamic physical activities. Integrating the key into the padlock – now a single object – brings additional benefits when the padlock is not in use.

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