LAUNCH WITH THE SLOGAN “DEMOCRATIC ERGONOMICS AND DESIGN” in 1996 by Cazzaro SPA (Italy), resulted as one of the most innovative office furniture collection seen in recent years. The Human-Centric project began with an extensive study program dedicated to applied dynamic-ergonomics and biomechanics having the ambitious goal of objectifying the concept of comfort.
This rather unconventional approach to design started from the “intuition” that humans are better made to stand rather than seat, so by understanding the impact of been seated on the human body we translated insight by searching for comfort, led us to the creation of products with broad practicality, design and competitive prices as primary requisites.

Pamy Collection has received a special European Recognition for its special approach to ergonomics: Seats and backrests realized in techno-polymers have been specially designed with surfaces that guide the body and strategically placed in-built microspheres for a more even distribution of weight over the support surfaces, getting a contact-comfort effect. The ergonomic solution was successfully tested for a “Seat Comfort Quantification” certificate, in a Research Ergonomic Lab recognized by the European Community.

As reported by press “the Pamy Collection design and functional logic were the results of an experimental research that transcended existing stereotypes to represent evolution, change, and the true spirit of invention that takes the user immediately into the future”.

The Pamy Collection is covert by a Patent for invention, its European Ergonomic Recognition was re-confirmed in 2007 and was guest in the movies: “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” and  “Clock Stopper”

The detailed process and result of the test are available by downloading the  PAMY COLLECTION – MEDICAL TEST.pdf