In 2009, VRD RESEARCH was invited to work on a challenging, complex project. The study’s goal was to understand the impact of intimate care products in women’s daily life.

It was a sensitive subject because it refers to humans’ intimacy that cannot be understood without an extremely personal approach to the user.

The preliminary stage questions of the process needed to be accurate:

• How would be the approach to women?

• How to encourage the exchange of points of views between them?

• How to know more about this subject without invading their privacy?

• How to recognise the meanings behind products of intimate usage?

Posing these questions allowed us to see the theme from different angles, establishing an innovative, transversal process.

Because of the creative, independent and humorous approach to the project we were able to overcome intimacy barriers and paradigms allowing us to understand women and their intimate relationships with those products. The link goes beyond product efficiency; it makes somehow, these products unique to the users.

The research applied was a combination of three different tactics. It allowed us to understand how users dealt with their needs for intimate cleaning on the move, without the comfort of their familiar bathrooms. Comments and input from the users quickly revealed that the main challenges were not necessarily to do with lack of water.

Understanding women was the key to enabling new product meanings and heightening user’s desires. Johnson & Johnson’s are currently testing and evaluating the project results at the R&D department in New Jersey.