Hardware systems for windows and doors

5. 6. 2014.
Hardware systems for windows and doors

FLARE INTEGRATED LINE released by Udinese, leader in the Brazilian market of hardware systems for windows and doors, brings to the Brazilian market a new concept of integrated line, which allows you to harmoniously align the design of aluminum sliding window lock, handles and knobs for all types of windows and doors.

This new concept was consolidated by VRD through the pursuit of innovation from a process of Design Research focused on people. Members of several Brazilian cities and different social contexts were studied comprehensively and sensitively, with the aim of identifying behaviors and interactions during the use of hardware systems for windows and it’s components, looking for meanings, needs and new product opportunities and businesses that led to unprecedented results to the market.

The innovative nature and the evocative power of the new products are a result of previous findings of the field research, in which the activities of observation and interaction with the user and locksmiths during assembly, pointed out the different issues that had not yet been solved, such as:

1. women complaining about the actuating of aluminum sliding window lock, which results in broken nails;
2. the lack of a safety system that prevents accidental locking of sliding doors. There are several reports of children closing the balcony door while playing and ending up locked inside while their parents are locked outside;
3. several users hurting hands with light gauge when closing doors because the knob is positioned near the edge of the door;
4. problems of complex assemblies and latch adjustments of aluminum sliding window lock;
5. the trend of max-ar locking knobs misalign over time;

The new models of aluminum sliding window lock of LINHA INTEGRADA FLARE for doors and sliding windows, offer the user more safety and better ergonomics during movements of opening and closing, which facilitates the activation, dispensing the need of auxiliary handles:

1. the design of the locking system, as well as the depth of the handle area to open and close, were thought with particular attention to the female audience, providing a solution to the “broken nails problem”;

Flare_012. the position of the locking system (button) inside the aluminum sliding window lock, allows to know, even from a distance, if the lock is enable or not, without the need of using classical chromatic indicators (green and red) that tend to devalue the product’s look;

3. the locking system (button) is childproof. This feature helps preventing accidental locking.

Aluminum sliding window lock also features an innovative technical solution that facilitates the assembly process and the latch maintenance. The access to the regulation system is easier since it is done laterally through the window frame, dismissing the need of disassembling any part of the structure.

In the design applied in all knobs of FLARE INTEGRATED LINE, was sought a solution to incidents that occur during closing the window reported by users. The solution lies in the special ergonomic curve, which not only distinguishes its aesthetic, but also provides the correct hand placement, keeping the hand away from the danger area and preventing future injuries.

Flare_02FLARE INTEGRATED LINE incorporates technological and ergonomic innovations and solutions that speaks directly to the needs and concerns of users, whether they are the final consumers, builders or window frame manufacturers.