Envisioning project made during 2003/4 for Electrolux Professional in a research laboratory built in the Istituto Europeo di Design (IED) in Madrid. At the end of the year 2002 we were discussing with Luciano Valboni, director of the Design Electrolux Professional, about the future vision of the brand and how it could hold its position of leader in the competitive market of the professional kitchens for restaurants. At that same time, with Sergio Volturo, director of the IED in Madrid, we were exploring the possibility of creating a Creative Research Laboratory under the direction of Alessandro Vassallo-Rossi (VRDRESEARCH) where we could share with newly graduated students, methods and processes of VRD RESEARCH.

We proposed the launching of an envisioning project for Electrolux Professional, a projection to the year 2025, which tried to discover the new relation between design, food and cooks. The laboratory was composed by 8 young recently graduated designers of different disciplines of design (fashion, industrial, graphic, digital), professional designers of VRD and Electrolux and the well known Spanish Chef Sergi Arola, known for his innovative fusion and destructured cooking. The goal was to rethink and innovate the market of the professional kitchen. The multicultural group analyzed cultural and anthropological trends and came up with six possible future lifestyle scenarios based around the semantic concepts of Paradise / Purgatory / Hell, that resulted in six innovative recipes based on unusual ingredients, presentation or style. Technologies not yet used in the food-service industry were then integrated to invent the solutions that would enable to create these recipes on a larger scale.

“Today we have patented some of the suggested solutions (…) putting the end consumer at the center of our thought process, and by researching future trends in all fields, we are able to offer complete business concepts that will make our direct customers successful”.

Said Detlef Münchow, President of Electrolux Professional