Di Volpi – Fornoforte, it’s a family company that transformed the wit of João Volpi and their passion for pizza in a business of success. On May 12th of 1998, with the opening of the pizzeria Di Volpi (São Paulo), was first introduced in the market a gas pizza oven that cooks the pizza on same time (1,5 – 2 minutes) and with the taste of a wood-fired pizza oven. Since then Di Volpi has distributed its ovens to pizzerias, bakeries, cafes and individuals (pizza lovers), to different areas of São Paulo, along different cities of Brazil, and as far as Angola, Miami and Portugal, among others. Good ideas are always subject of imitation and that’s why in recent years other brands and similar products have appeared being sold as “Di Volpi type ovens”, situation that has boosted Di Volpi see ahead and draw new challenges.

How to take distance with competitors and remain market leaders?

Di Volpi instinctively thought of a “new face”, a style operation that could outbid competitors, with a more attractive product and of more value for customers and end users. Our consultancy led them to opt for a complete evolution of the oven, with the challenge of bringing solutions able to give new life to the product and above all, solutions able to project-forward the business and the brand.

(Analyze of previous model)

The new Design Pro-40 , was born on the basis of a careful understanding of company’s manufacturing capabilities and the search for mechanical and functional alternatives that could improve all those details compromising the visual impact of the original oven, such as: viewer appearance, mechanical joints, assembly of components, transmission of movement, assembly and access for maintenance, interfaces, among others. The solutions were taking shape during an intensive and evolutive process, of several testings and the search for appropriate equipments and components, until arrive to a mature solution for the Fornoforte PRO-40. It’s worth to highlight the persistence and dedication of Lauri and Eduardo Volpi in this complex process.

(The new Fornoforte PRO-40)


What originated as a styling project evolved into a wider project, influencing not only the oven performance and manufacturing processes, but also the reformulation of the logo and its application in the product. The results were very positive, the project led to the business expansion, from one to five products, taking advantage of all the solutions, components and features designed for the PRO-40.

As Dino Volpi has recently stated – “since the launch of the new generation of ovens until today, the market share has increased, and consequently doubled the production demand”.

(Line extension: model PRO-GOURMET)