THE DESIGN OF THE BOVA MAGIQ BUSES STARTED WITH the spirit of accentuating the history and the quality of the Bova brand and putting the focus on the user (passengers and driver) as the central point in the definition of the accessories and main functions of the vehicle. In 1993, the company Bova (NL), leader in the market of tourism busses, decided to get prepared for the new century with a bus that would reinterpret and bring forward the legacy of innovation of the model Futura (commercialized since 1982 and designed by the brilliant stroke of Axel Enthoven).

Between 1994 and 1996, we worked along with the EADC in the design of the vehicle that would have the task of carrying this entire legacy to the new millennium: the BOVA MAGIC. A bus destined to inaugurate a superior segment of the market, thus it wouldn’t compete with the Futura existing model.

The “MAGIQ” project was born with the purpose of innovating the segment by projecting a new bus from a 360 degrees perspective. Therefore, its harmonious design and the special attention to details and to innovation, it’s reflected everywhere, both inside and outside the bus.

A special attention was given to the comfort of people, projecting a new generation of seats that combine ergonomic solutions with layout possibilities. Thus, an effective expansion of passenger’s space and the versatility on personalization according to client needs is allowed.

The new driver’s cabin, designed to improve ergonomics, was built on original ideas, beyond existing cabin concepts at that time. The new localization of the driver together with the instruments panel layout, for example, allowed the centralization of several functions in a single digital screen, in the right visual field.

It was also given special attention to vehicle’s eco-compatibility, emphasizing the use of recyclable materials and avoiding permanent junctions that could complicate the recycling process. The self-supporting body structure, for example, it’s produced with a powder-finishing layer completely free of solvents.

Regarding vehicle’s style, we did not choose a trend pattern, but a combination of elegant, modern and timeless style, leaving on evidence, innovative “under the skin” solutions. The characteristic rear and the prominent front of BOVA MAGIQ reflect the interior layout, which design “like shaped by movement” gives dynamism to the vehicle when stopped, and the apparent roll-bar that evidences the self-supporting body structure. The new Bova Magiq appeal: of great personality, strength, and dynamism, is also reflecting brand’s core values.

Red Dot Award: Product Design 2001

Project done in partnership with EADC