SINCE DECEMBER 2001, THE BELGIAN RAILWAYS SNBC/NMBS started to operate with the new M6 DOUBLE-DECK train produced by BOMBARDIER. Between 1995 and 1996, we participated along with EADC on the complete project of these new coaches, including interior and exterior design. Both, style and new space solutions of the M6 model, were main factors that led the Belgian railways to choose Bombardier’s train.

The previous double-deck model, M5, also from Bombardier, was not well accepted by the usual passengers. Therefore, the M6 project had the challenge to rebuild the reputation of the service, satisfying the needs of an eclectic group of users.

To face the challenge of this project, a specific Design Research process was used, focused on common people travelling on a M5 train, with the purpose of understanding all the conflicts and issues related to the travelling experience. The result led to a new interior architecture, improving passengers’ flow and enhancing the feeling of amplitude.

The project was welcomed with enthusiasm and the M6 DOUBLE-BECK coaches are still being produced and currently in use in Belgium and France.

Project done in partnership with EADC and in collaboration with DCA.