“SENSE THE PLACE” soon in: São_Paulo, Bogotá, London and Madrid.

MILAN AND DUBLIN HAVE ALREADY HOSTED THE previous two workshops of the project “SENSE THE PLACE: designing unexpected urban identity codes”; a very interesting and sophisticated research proposal developed by INTERSEZIONI, our colleagues from Milan. This project consist in a series of workshops that deals directly with the urban fabric of the city, aiming to observe the city through the 5 + 1 senses. It is a specific research project designed to capture, understand and transform the hidden city’s characteristics into simple reading systems. It is a true “design process”, able to describe complex systems in terms of project communication codes, by using cognitive mapping systems.

Since this January, the workshops are counting with Moleskine to support the activities. A portable notebook “Key-moods – SENSE THE PLACE” is being special produced by the company for this purpose, and it will be a great tool for the implementation of future activities.

VRD RESEARCH together with INTERSEZIONI propose to bring during 2011/12 SENSE THE PLACE format to the cities of São Paulo, Bogotá, Londres and Madrid.

For further information please contact us at stp@drinnovation.com or connect to our Facebook page to receive all the news on this subject.

More details about SENSE THE PLACE and what has been done in Milan and Dublin, can be found in the website www.sensetheplace.it