Rizzati Ferrara, the renaissance of an excellence Italian brand.

Since March we are collaborating with RIZZATI Ferrara, a renowned brand from the Italian city of Ferrara, producer of chocolates and candied fruits of the highest quality of the Italian market. After being one of the victims of the European crisis of recent years, the brand is being relaunched by a group of businessmen from the town and Caffe Pascucci, who have seen in Brothers Rizzati a heritage of quality and excellence that the “Madi in Italy” could not afford to lose. After an operational plan developed and grown for almost a year, the brand started to hit the market with the first actions that will lead them to regain Italian and international territory.

VRD has been commissioned to design and develop strategies related to Brand Experience, Communication and Product, to the complex segment of high quality chocolate and candied fruits, where interaction and discovery are fundamental to understand the Rizzati Ferraras brand differential

The Rizzati brothers are masters, refined explorers of the chocolate world and candied fruit and recognized leaders of the highest quality Italian market, when faced with the challenge of brand relaunch, they decided, along with their new partners, to add an element of distinction, their products will be organic, gluten free and palm oil free.

In the coming months, we will publish an article with the outcome of this exciting project, which will help RIZZATI Ferrara in the challenge to add to its taste, excellence and attention to the environment and health, a truly unique brand experience.