DURING FAIR “FEICON 2011” IN SÃO PAULO (Brazil, 15th/19th March), the company PAPAIZ presents the first three products of a new generation of padlocks; result of a strategic analysis and implementation project done during 2010/11 by VRD RESEARCH.

The padlocks called ACTIVE and NODE, and the WHITEBOARD concept, which brings new life to an existing product (Fashion, designed by Nòdesign), are new proposals that reformulate the dynamics and meaning of the “padlock” object.

The innovation and the evocative power of the new products are the result of a process of Design Research focused on people; users from different Brazilian cities and social contexts, that have been studied in a comprehensive and sensitive way with the purpose of identifying behaviors, meanings, needs and therefore new products and business opportunities.

All three products have been conceived as a concrete response to latent needs, interpreting and translating wishes and demonstrations into ideas able to innovate the sector. In fact, when we got to understand what were the real dynamics between product, use and user, we realized that innovation would occur by bringing the new products beyond the “tool”, proposing new relations and strengthening the emotional bond.

The project isn’t limited to the conception, design and product development, the drivers defined through the research process, generated a complete branding repercussion by redefining the product communication model: naming, packaging and communication/commercial supports. A 360º strategic design project.

The products will be launched in the market by the second half of this year. By then, we will post a “case study” including details, curiosities about the research and development process as well as project “whys”.



Papaiz active®

Papaiz node®

Papaiz whiteboard®