Design Thinking workshop with Social Entrepreneurs

At VRD we believe it is possible to innovate in several proportions and that it is possible to innovate also in the case of small business. As the beginning of its involvement with Startups in the Design Thinking and Innovation approach, and in partnership with Projeto Visão de Sucesso, VRD led an introductory workshop on April 13th for about 20 social entrepreneurs on the practice of Design Thinking methodologies in the strategic envisioning process.

We could have made a standard workshop about Design Thinking, but we believed it would be more productive if the reality of one of the entrepreneurs was used as argument of exploration, which led to a meeting to business understanding for the detection of possible areas of action. Thus, before the workshop, we had a work day with Erich Burger, partner of Recicleiros, a company that works offering solutions in technology and management for the effective reduction of environmental impact on a wide range of contexts, aiming at the implementation of the National Policy on Waste. On this meeting, a dynamic took place with the focus on getting a “x-ray” of the company, which helped to envision opportunities where Design Thinking could serve as an engine fot the business, and, in this specific case, also as an argument for a didactic activity with a group of entrepreneurs from different fields of expertise.

The dynamics of the Workshop was thought to succinctly go through the steps of the Design Process, in order to have a first contact with the methodology and show to the entrepreneurs the view of the power of creative thinking in their business.

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