+DESIGN CEARÁ: Conference talk with VRD Research

THE ABEDESIGN, BRAZILIAN ASSOCIATION OF DESIGN and its affiliates in the state of Ceará, has launched the first edition of the cultural +DesignCeará, an event that aims to become a landmark in the promotion and discussion of design in the north-east of Brazil.

Gisela Schulzinger (Haus + Packing Design); Hugo Kovadloff (GAD Branding), Alessandro Vassallo (VRD Research), Leonardo Massarelli (NO DESIGN) and Gian Franco Rocchiccioli (Stetik Group) are the 5 speakers participating of the event on the 14th/18th of February. The meeting is directed for design professionals, entrepreneurs, marketing managers, government representatives, students and curiouses.

The event +DesignCeará, hosted at the conference room of the Livraria Cultura in Fortaleza, in addition to its fantastic organization it was a huge success, room was always full, many even had to hear from out side.

On the 16th , third day, the event has received the participation of Alessandro Vassallo, founder of VRD, who shared the vision of his company in a conference about the potential of the “Design Approach” as an engine for business competitiveness.

The conference entitled “BEING COMPETITIVE BY MAKING DIFFERENT: Design, Strategy and Innovation” has touched and answered with direct narrative and real examples, to complex questions like: What to offer and how? How to face market, how to compete and be visible? Questions that represent daily matters inside companies trying to respond as fast as the market moves with effectiveness.

Today the priciples for being competitive have changed, where the biggest difference lays on being able to detect differentiated opportunities, re-inventing processes that define business strategies. Design, the way designers think, their essential ability to combine empathy, rationality and creativity in order to meet the needs of end users through a process of research, can redefine these opportunities, becoming very significant and strategic for companies involving Design with wisdom from the initial stages when defining business directions.

We believe that these kinds of events are vital to strengthen tights within Brazilian design, an area in great expansion, with excellent companies and designers in all fields. We believe it’s very important to encourage greater communication between designers and ensure that there is a real exchange of information and methods, the success of our work is the reflex of the professional network growth and not only by individual actions.