Well-Being & Health

Come migliorare l'esperienza personale nei processi legati alla cura della salute stabilendo nuovi criteri e priorità?

Proximity to the human condition will bring emphasis to the value of interaction and the emotional rewards of the individual’s experience.

Designing a human-centered product, device, service or tool to solve people’s needs goes beyond questions of functionality and performance. We believe that by taking a different design perspective, where human beings are the focus and the guideline of all exploration throughout the process, it is possible to combine performance and emotions to achieve stunning breakthrough ideas. This means that the Design approach is able to lead innovation by expanding the focus from “the problem” itself to its surrounding ambience, capturing opportunities from the human relations discernible in acts, emotions, environments, interfaces and interactions, for example.

Our experience in developing customized Human-Centered Design Research methodologies has constituted a differential when working with Well-being & Health (WB&H) businesses. The development of exploration methods permits a detailed understanding of people by uncovering issues, normally unrevealed in a linear research approach. Our commitment is to translate human insights into innovative solutions that will project and support business growth efforts.

We use a creative thinking to generate new visions for products, helping companies to bring new ideas to life, by focusing strategies on what will matter tomorrow: a better, more rewarding and remarkable experience for their clients.