Total Brand

Il messaggio giusto in tutte le manifestazioni della vostra marca.

Products, services, visual identity, digital platforms, packaging, selling supports, merchandising, etc., are all brand message carriers, and even when addressing different challenges, they all should point in the same direction, be coherent with one another, and deliver the brand message with same rigor.

Today, most of brand supports are projected separately, and even when they all follow the same brand values guidelines, the result is not always coherent and integrated. . Ideally, every Brand expression should be understood as part of a Brand experience system.

To project the future of a brand offer, we consider it essential to understand thoroughly the brand message today. This, at VRD, is the basis of any innovation project, no matter what kind or size. For this reason, one of our first project activities is to actually work with company players on understanding the brand values, from past to present, as well as to learn how they feel the brand should behave in future.

The corporate perspective, supplemented by other viewpoints gathered during the process – from semiotics to customers and contexts –, leads to the construction of new behavior, the basis on which to develop all the components of the brand experience system.

No matter what the project’s starting point, at VRD it is always an opportunity to rethink the whole brand system and to trace directions for the next steps.