Service Design

Offerte materiali e immateriali articolate per le strategie del business.

Our starting point for design always comes from understanding the strengths of a business as well as its potential, and then projecting competitive solutions. With services, it is no different. However, instead of taking only a space or an interface into consideration, our approach rethinks the core reason for the existence of a service, including potential benefits for unseen users, thus bringing futures not yet considered into discussion. The way we approach and work with stakeholders gives us tools to develop solutions that not only make a real difference for the final users, but also reinforce the brand in the long run. We see service design as a projection for expanding business assertively and, as such, we provide tools and steps for progressive implementation, understanding that no innovation lasts without a plan.

As the division between product-oriented and service-oriented businesses fades, strategies are going beyond the core business. In many cases, improvements and new features are not enough to establish effective differentiation. Today many product businesses are embarking on intangible solutions to compound the value proposition of their offer and, inversely, service business are embarking on tangible solutions to be more competitive. Both products and services have strategic value for all kinds of business, which means that competitiveness is about projecting an offer as a system.

Our approach, together with our experience in both products and services, allows us to build solution systems merging the tangible and the intangible, with ample strategic emphasis. This represents what we call a “stretching strategy” – stretching the boundaries of brand effect.