Learning by Doing

Come rendere l'innovazione una cultura aziendale? Come trasformare il Design Thinking in una pratica reale?

The ability to re-think – to think differently, think beyond, think in an integrated manner – while achieving significant and effective results, is not simple. The practice of Design Thinking, as the basis for innovation, uses methods to stimulate and orient – but not to solve. Its success depends on a “well-trained mind” and on a certain organizational receptivity and capillarity.

One of our main commitments when working with organizations is to turn the consultancy into a collective learning experience. Corporate players learn about our process just as we learn from them, and departments that work closely, but not integrated, start approximating beliefs and work efforts. In some ways, we see the consultancy as a “parenthesis”, where processes can run at different speeds and inside a kind of “neutral territory”. We believe this is a great space for imparting new ways of thinking and doing.

With this purpose in mind, the project plan is not only designed in accord with the challenge, but also with the aim of creating spaces for integration. A series of workshops and “downloads” with the client take place throughout the process, such that the on-going exchange opens windows for common understanding, learning, creating and disseminating.

Design Thinking isn’t a prescription, it’s a practice. Design Thinking becomes a practice when everyone in the organization has confidence in it, when everyone sees results taking place.