Design Research

Un'occasione per progettare il business unendo soggettività ed oggettività nell'ambito di un approccio creativo.

Design Research, understood as the exploratory character of the design process, transforms a design-driven consultancy into something of strategic value, something that carries significant and reliable arguments for constructing solutions and projecting businesses.

Research-driven Innovation not only establishes a new relationship between designers and corporate players, but also renews the relationship between these players and customers as it uncovers details not expressed in numbers and brings them closer to a more qualitative understanding of people’s reality.

How reliable is Design Research data The results of research that is exclusively qualitative (and disregards quantification) generally raise doubts as to how representative quantitative information actually is. For this reason, we at VRD develop research strategies that combine the richness of qualitative observations with the reliability of measured data.

Our research approach is based in three aspects: (1) validation by crossing data: examining the same arguments from different perspectives and methodologies. (2) significant sampling: research protocols exceed the number of traditional qualitative samples. (3) Translating into opportunities and actions. The real value of research does not lie in the data itself, but in its capacity to envision actions.