Innovating one of today’s most challenging categories

Natura invests on Design Thinking and in the partnership with VRD to strategically rethink one of the most challenging categories of the beauty and personal care segment. The project, which began in November 2014, had the participation of over 70 consumer and was developed in constant exchange with Natura’s internal teams: Consumer Insights, Formulation Development, Strategic Marketing, Brand Activation, among others.

01.-trabalho-integrado-e-participativoIt had been 10 months working together, assembling a scenario to future development and shaping the short-term actions. This organic process of constant exchanges and adjustments, covered the consumer research, translation of insights in guidelines and concepts, materialization solutions in products and visual identity, until consumer validation, fine tuning and technical assistance during the implementation stage.

03---validação-de-conceitos-con-consumidoraIn early 2016, the project yield its first results. The brand Plant makes its first updates in the magazine, with new casting, narrative and layouts.

dupla 03 copy