Papaiz Black Padlock Innovating ordinary object.

PAPAIZ BLACK is the result of the collaboration between PAPAIZ and VRD, a joint effort to generate ideas for padlocks that would transcend the category usual limits, innovating products through a human centered research process.

An extensive research covered the country and detected the need of a padlock to withstand extreme uses when placed in areas exposed to the most diverse weather conditions and match expectations that goes beyond security, such as durability and usability.

black_02inThere was an opportunity to explore solutions for situations related to leisure, such as beach houses, country houses, boats and motorcycles; moments where the malfunction of a padlock may lead to a very unpleasant situation. “Arrive at your destination and not be able to unlock a rust padlock may ruin a family trip.

The outcome is PAPAIZ BLACK, a padlock able to withstand bad weather, salty air, humidity and temperature changes. This is the first product on the market that has a black stainless steel rod, whose performance, alongside its body which is shielded with a pressurized sealed cover, allows the padlock to resist the aggressive damages caused by time and stand in areas with high corrosive impact, as the beach.

black_03inFurthermore, PAPAIZ BLACK has a new type of key – secured by an international patent – that incorporates a carabiner in its structure, turning its versatility a unique characteristic. Besides transportation ease – it can be hitched to a bag – the storage of other keys is facilitated when a key becomes a “keychain”, defining a group of specific use like “beach house keys”. Thus it creates a new meaning for such an ordinary object in the day-to-day lives.